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    Tura Satana was a Japanese-Scots-Irish-Native American actress and former dancer. At school she was constantly harassed for her large breasts and asian appearance, and at the age of 9 she was gang raped by 5 men walking home from school. None of her attackers were prosecuted (the judge was reportadley paid off) so Tura took it in her stride to take up martial arts and learnt Aikido and Karate and over the next 15 years tracked down each rapist and extracted her own revenge. 
    Not even a stint in reform school could stop this woman, she became the leader of a gang she started with the other students and in her words they “had leather motorcycle jackets, jeans and boots and kicked butt.”

    She played Varla in Russ Meyer’s “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” in which she did all her own stunts and improvised most of the films best lines including a scene when a gas attendant stares at her breasts and says how he’d like to travel America to which Varla replies “You wont find it down there Columbus.” 

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    There’s this shitty thing that happens when you learn about the reality of racism, sexism and misogyny. You start to hear it from the mouths of your parents, grandparents, friends and siblings and you can’t ignore it anymore but you’ll see how many of them will ignore you when you speak out about it.

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    "I don’t like finishing books." [x]

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  5. http://apolonisaphrodisia.tumblr.com/
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    Me about Raúl Esparza

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    Lupita Nyong’o accepting her Academy Award for ‘Best Actress in a Supporting Role’

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    when a teacher asks you if you understand the work and you don’t 


    *gets 0 on the test*


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    *lawyer voice* eat a dick, your honor

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    After an announcement yesterday outlining what girls (and only girls) could and could not wear to school today (even though it was 80 degrees and the school would not turn on the air conditioner) someone posted this in a stairwell. A lot of girls were supportive of these posters, seeing as some teachers were sending down absolutely any girls wearing shorts.

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    untitled by begoña ml. on Flickr.

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    1. Beata Wilczek
    2. Mac Katter 

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  15. Scott Bromley, Apartment

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